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Drive any of thirteen locomotives and train cars on three routes via a realistic simulation

Drive any of thirteen locomotives and train cars on three routes via a realistic simulation

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Get behind the controls of a train to see how well you can tackle the tracks in Train Simulator 2015.

This is a game that is highly detailed with realistic views behind the controls, sights, and sounds of weather and some of the common issues that occur while operating a train. When you get behind the wheel of the train, you'll have to check all of the gears, lights, and other electrical components to make sure that they are working the right way before heading out on the track.

One of the improvements of the game over other versions is that you can see rain and snow on the windshield and hear some of the aspects of the environment that go on around you while operating the train. There are three routes that you can travel along, each in a different location so that you can see a variety of scenery. You can choose from over a dozen trains. There are a few smaller trains that are easy to control, but most of them are larger, giving the game a realistic look if you enjoy simulated activity. There are more trains and tracks with extra content that you can download.

When you first begin your travels on the track, the controls can be a bit intimidating. Instructions in the game are well-written and detailed, but it does take some time to get used to what each control does in the train, such as speeding up and releasing air from the brakes. Although it's not an exciting simulation game like building a home or operating a business, it gives you the quiet respect that you would come to find with the large vehicles.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Realistic sounds


  • Can get boring
  • Not enough tracks